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Children’s Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a space where you can make art about your thoughts, feelings or other things in your life. You can talk about the art you make and your thoughts and feelings as well.

How Does Art Therapy Work?

Before you come to art therapy your parents/guardians will meet Aisling, the art therapist and have a chat to see if art therapy is for you.

Next it will be your turn to meet Aisling and make art about your thoughts, feelings and other things in your life. You can talk to Aisling about anything you want to in art therapy as well. 

After a few art therapy sessions your parents/ guardians will come in at the end of a session. If you want to share something with them you can. If you don’t want to that’s ok too. The choice is yours.

The Art You Make

At Art Therapy you decide which materials you’d like to use, maybe clay, paint, markers or something else. 

You decide what the art will be about aswell. 

When it’s time to go home your art goes in your folder to be minded until the next day. 

When you are finished with Art Therapy you can decide what to do with your art. 


Payment for Session

Art Therapy Testimonial

I used to be very worried and scared going into school. I couldn’t get out of the car and I wouldn’t walk past the gate. Now I’m feeling much better because Aisling and the Art Therapy really helped me and now I can go into school not feeling worried.

Anonymous, Aged 8


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